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Summer Decorating Tips That Keep You Cool

After waiting through the cold, dark months of winter, summer is finally here! Sunlight, warm breezes, and overflowing gardens make summer a season worth savoring. If you feel like your home is still stuck in winter’s rut, consider a few of these simple changes to bring the spirit of summer to your living space.

What is R22 and how does it affect my HVAC system?

R22 is a refrigerant that is also a chlorodifluoromethane and more widely recognized as a hydrochlorofluorocarbon — a greenhouse gas. R22 is used extensively in air-conditioning units and HVAC systems. R22 has a negative impact on ozone in the atmosphere and is being phased out by order of the Federal Government.

How To Save Money On Cooling Costs

Keeping your home cool during the summer months can be difficult. Your electricity bill is sure to spike because you will be running the air conditioning (AC) unit a lot more. There are several ways you can keep a consistent temperature in your home throughout the year. Ways To Make Your Home Energy Efficient Get new windows. The windows in your home are one of the first places you need to upgrade if you want your house to hold cool air for longer. A single paned window is going to allow heat from the sun to spill into your home. This heat will be detected by your thermostat, which causes your AC unit to continue running. You also want to upgrade your windows so that they are properly sealed around the edges. It is very common for a set of old windows to allow air to leak outside of the home. Replace your roof. Replacing the roof on your home is another way to help it stay cooler year round. There are now energy-efficient roofing options that you can choose to reflect sunlight from your home. When your home reflects sunlight rather than absorbing it, it will remain between ten and twenty degrees cooler on the inside. Make sure your home is properly insulated. Check the insulation in your attic to make sure that it is in good condition. Also, check the seals around your doors as well as your windows. The seals in your home should be so tight that you can’t see any light leaking through the cracks. The better your home is insulated and sealed, the longer cool...

Identifying Common HVAC Problems

One of the most important things you can do in your home is keep your HVAC unit working properly. A good HVAC contractor will tell you that you should have your HVAC unit serviced at least once a year to make sure everything is working properly.  Servicing your HVAC unit can only save you money in the long run, whether it be saving on energy bills or spotting repairs that are needed for the unit before they become more costly. What are some of the most common problems your HVAC unit can experience? Dirty Filters It is important to keep dirt, dust, mold, and other pollutants out of your HVAC unit.  Believe it or not, there is a lot of dirt, dust, debris, and other contaminants floating in the air in your home.  Leaving the filter in your HVAC unit unchecked will guarantee you will have a heavy air conditioning repair bill in the long run. If the filter becomes too clogged, air flow will become restricted, and this can cause improper functioning of your unit.  Check your filter frequently.  If it is too clogged for light to pass through it, the filter should be cleaned or replaced. Blown Fuses The fuses, found in the evaporator in your HVAC unit, protect the motor or compressor from overheating.  If a fuse is blown, it can cause an unexpected work stoppage in your HVAC unit.  A good HVAC contractor will check all the fuses, and even the breaker when performing air condition repair or heating repair. Sensor Issues Your HVAC unit cycles on and off based on the temperature detected in...

When Should I Repair or Replace My HVAC?

When should you replace your HVAC unit? Ultimately, the decision comes down to the age of the unit and the cost to keep it running. In addition to these factors, a heating and cooling system’s performance also weighs in to the HVAC maintenance or replacement equation. Classic Air Inc. installs and services all brands and makes of residential and light commercial heating and air conditioning equipment. Our technicians often help guide property owners through this exact predicament. We are the leading HVAC service provider in the area and have served Central Ohio since 1978. Calculating Costs Versus Value Property owners can use a simple formula to estimate the financial practicality of repairing a central air unit. When a property owner must repair a unit, they should multiply the cost of the repair times the age of the unit. If the value is more than $5,000, it is a good idea to replace it. This formula takes into account the 10-year expected lifespan of a climate control unit and factors in the weight of HVAC repair costs. Any machinery has a limited number of operating hours to expend until its continued use is no longer cost-effective. Using this formula can help property owners measure the value left in their equipment. What if the Unit Just Needs Refrigerant? This service issue—which appears somewhat innocuous—is actually a sign of more underlying problems. A HVAC unit that needs recharging has most likely developed a leak. Repairing the leak and replacing gallons of refrigerant can run upward of $500 to $1,000. Furthermore, HVAC systems that have developed a leak are more likely to have a...