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Spring Cleaning Starts With HVAC

The spring air flowing through your home is welcome after the winter of 2015.  However, it is also heralding the onset of summer heat and stifling humidity that is arriving very soon.  Before you begin any spring cleaning efforts, your first attention should go to your HVAC system.  This important and expensive system will need a dusting and cleaning, too, after a winter busy supplying heat throughout your home.  The HVAC requires a yearly tune up and analysis to continue providing your family with the temperature control that you expect and need.

Old Furnaces Require More Maintenance

If your gas furnace is over ten years old, you can be certain it loses heat and costs excessive money to operate. Our team can inspect and analyze its compliance with heating standards and advise you on any action needed. The same is true of your HVAC air conditioning system, vents, and ductwork.  It is time to arrange for Classic Air Inc. to inspect and clean your vital cooling system before the first heat wave. Taking the time to have your HVAC air conditioning thoroughly inspected and approved by our experts can save you money and puddles of perspiration for HVAC repair.

Consider an Air Purifier

Warmer summer weather will bring along its cousins: pollen, dust, and other allergens polluting the air you breathe inside your home.  Installation of an electronic air purifier can guarantee your home air is as healthful as nature first made it, and your family is relieved of allergy symptoms and communicable diseases attacking them within the safety of their own home.

If You Don’t Know HVAC, Know Your Serviceman

For over 30 years, Classic Air, Inc. has kept the residents of Parkview and neighboring areas of Columbus warm in winter and cool in summer.  We are a local company, and our growth can be credited to return customers who know that our customer service is excellent before, during, and after any work we perform.

Classic Air, Inc. takes great pride in their reputation for same-day service and doing it right the first time. Our services are available for emergency 24/7, and we charge on a flat rate, so you know what your service will cost before we begin.  There is no service and no brand exempt from our labor warranty, as we are the go-to authority on HVAC heating and cooling systems.

Contact Classic Air, Inc. today and start your spring cleaning with maintenance and cleaning of your valuable HVAC system.