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Savvy homeowners are moving their homes into the modern age with intelligent devices such as a smart HVAC system. While new technology is usually expensive, it is the long-term savings that make tech improvements worthwhile. In this article, we discuss some of the options available for homeowners who want to take control over their heating and cooling expenditures.

Should you Invest in a Smart Thermostat?

Absolutely. That is, if you want to enjoy an almost instant savings off of your monthly heating and cooling bill. Smart thermostats help you save energy by regulating every room in your home.

Case in point:

A standard two story house almost always has all of the sleeping areas on the second story. That means at night; the bottom story does not need to be heated. So in effect you are not paying to heat your entire home, only the rooms that you use.

Because these thermostats are smart, you can program them to turn on the heat a half an hour before you get up. So when you wander downstairs for coffee the next morning, the first floor of your house will feel nice and cozy, and the heat to the upper level will be cut off. Since hot air rises, this set up should decrease your heating and cooling bills.

What about Cooling?

The same is true when we talk about cooling. There is no reason to pay to cool your entire house, especially if you are not home during the day. Imagine the savings you could experience if your air conditioner was turned off during the day while you were at work and the kids were at school. An hour or half an hour before you come home, the smart thermostat will begin to cool the areas of the house where you hang out before bed. Smart tech can also help you avoid AC repair problems, too.

Again, you only have to cool the part of your home where you are the most. You can easily adjust an individual room if your living habits change without calling an HVAC contractor. If you are home sick in bed with the flu, the smart thermostat is programmable so you can set it to a comfortable temperature.

Smart Technology makes Cooling Your Home Convenient

The Convenience of Smart Tech

With a little forethought, a smart thermostat adds a huge boost of convenience to your life. Many smart thermostats have apps available that allow you to control them from your smartphone. This means is you can check your home’s energy usage from your office and make adjustments as needed.

For businesses and building managers, a smart thermostat makes it a snap to save money on energy costs, labor and management of the HVAC system. Some units offer sensors that tell when someone has entered a room. If you have a single tenant that works every weekend, you could heat or cool that office alone rather than the entire building. That can provide significant cost savings, plus the technology helps reduce cooling and heating repair calls.

So although new technology is usually pricey, a smart thermostat for your home or business can save you money almost immediately. If you would like more information on how a smart thermostat could help decrease your monthly energy cost, carbon footprint, and still keep you comfortable, just give us at Classic Air Inc. a call at 614-476-1732.