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Keeping your home cool during the summer months can be difficult. Your electricity bill is sure to spike because you will be running the air conditioning (AC) unit a lot more. There are several ways you can keep a consistent temperature in your home throughout the year.

Ways To Make Your Home Energy Efficient

Get new windows. The windows in your home are one of the first places you need to upgrade if you want your house to hold cool air for longer. A single paned window is going to allow heat from the sun to spill into your home. This heat will be detected by your thermostat, which causes your AC unit to continue running. You also want to upgrade your windows so that they are properly sealed around the edges. It is very common for a set of old windows to allow air to leak outside of the home.

Replace your roof. Replacing the roof on your home is another way to help it stay cooler year round. There are now energy-efficient roofing options that you can choose to reflect sunlight from your home. When your home reflects sunlight rather than absorbing it, it will remain between ten and twenty degrees cooler on the inside.

Make sure your home is properly insulated

Make sure your home is properly insulated. Check the insulation in your attic to make sure that it is in good condition. Also, check the seals around your doors as well as your windows. The seals in your home should be so tight that you can’t see any light leaking through the cracks. The better your home is insulated and sealed, the longer cool air will remain inside your house.

Service your AC unit. You want to make sure that you have an AC repair company come by your home every so often to inspect your unit. An HVAC contractor will be able to make sure your ducts are in good condition and that your unit is functioning optimally. Certain electrical components need to be checked on a regular basis and internal components also need to be lubricated to ensure that your AC unit is not wasting electricity. Also, check the air filter every single month. A fresh air filter is another way to ensure that your unit is functioning like it should.

Simple Ways to Be More Energy Efficient

These options will create a drastic difference in the amount of money you pay for air conditioning each month. In addition to these drastic measures, you can also do simple things like upgrading to a smart thermostat, or buying plantation shutters. There are thermostats that can learn your schedule so you never have to worry about turning your AC on, and then off, again. There are also shutters to cover windows that prevent sunlight from warming up your home. You can also use fans to move cool air throughout your home without running the AC too often. Take advantage of these options so you do not break the bank trying to get through the summer.

Everybody, stay cool. It's not too late to schedule A/C maintenance.