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At Classic Air heating and air conditioning we specialize in central air conditioning and heating systems for every size and type of home or business. As authorized dealers of Lennox, Tempstar, Mitsubishi, and AprilAire brands we offer excellence in quality, selection and pricing.  We provide Air Conditioners, Heat Pumps, Gas and Electric Furnaces, Package Units, Mini-Split Systems, Hanging Heaters, High Efficient Air Cleaners, Air Filters, Humidifiers, etc.

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Air Conditioners

When purchasing a replacement air conditioner there is more to choose than just the brand. There are several features or ratings that you must take into consideration.

Each manufacturer offers a wide range of models which are primarily differentiated by cooling capacity, electrical efficiency, noise level, warranty and, of course price. Our estimators will work with you to determine the relative importance of each of these features and help you to select the model which provides you with the optimum in value and performance.

Heat Pump

Heat Pumps

Heat pumps keep your home or business warm in the winter and perfectly cool in the summer. In the winter the heat pump captures the heat that is always present in the outside – even in the coldest of weather – and pumps back indoors.

In the summer, it’s and air conditioner, pulling the heat out and releasing it outside. Similar to the air conditioner there is a lot more to choose from than just the brand. Learn about the new refrigerant

Electric Furnaces (Air Handlers)

Your central air conditioning system consists of two parts, an outdoor unit and an indoor unit. The air handler is the indoor unit that circulates conditioned air throughout your home. An air handler paired with an air conditioner circulates cool air throughout your house during the summer months.

When an air handler is matched with a heat pump, it works all year long, circulating cool air in the summer and warm air in the winter. The air handler consists of a coil, air blower, and a heating package.

Gas Furnace

Gas Furnaces

When beginning your search for a new furnace it is helpful to know the some of the standard terminology. Furnaces are rated by the Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE) ratio, which is the percent of heat produced for every dollar of fuel consumed.

Like the miles-per-gallon rating on your automobile, the higher the AFUE rating, the lower your fuel costs. All furnaces manufactured today must meet at least 80% AFUE.

If your furnace is 10-15 years old, it very well may fall below the current furnace minimum and waste not only energy but your money. This doesn’t suggest you should only select a furnace based on its AFUE rating though the efficiency is just one factor to consider when looking for a new furnace.



Heat in the winter is great, but dryness is something all of us can most definitely do without. In order to make your home as comfortable as possible, you need to add moisture to the air.

Humidifiers will make your home more energy efficient as well as reduce dry skin, static shocks, and it keeps furniture and your home from drying out. All of us also know that a home with moisture feels warmer than a dry home, even at lower temperature settings.

Electronic Air Cleaner

Electronic Air Cleaners

This is a very efficient product that uses electricity to create an electric charge particles are given a positive charge by the first section (ionizing section) of the filter.

The second section (collector section) is giving a negative charge, thus creating a powerful magnet to retain containments.

Media Air Filters

Media Air Filters

These air filters are the most efficient air filters you can buy. Media air cleaners are a silent, low-maintenance, inexpensive air filtration device.

The high-density filter unit is attached to your existing heating and cooling system, where it captures pollutants from conditioned air before it is distributed to the rooms in your homes.

Heat and Energy Recovery Ventilators

According to the EPA, concentrations of toxic pollutants can be up to ten times greater inside a home than outside, even in our smoggiest cities.

And today’s homes are being built tighter to become more energy efficient; however this causes containments like formaldehyde, radon, and household chemicals to become trapped in the home. There is no better way to ensure the constant moving of clean, fresh air into your home than with an efficient ventilation system.