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When should you replace your HVAC unit? Ultimately, the decision comes down to the age of the unit and the cost to keep it running. In addition to these factors, a heating and cooling system’s performance also weighs in to the HVAC maintenance or replacement equation. Classic Air Inc. installs and services all brands and makes of residential and light commercial heating and air conditioning equipment. Our technicians often help guide property owners through this exact predicament. We are the leading HVAC service provider in the area and have served Central Ohio since 1978.

Calculating Costs Versus Value

Property owners can use a simple formula to estimate the financial practicality of repairing a central air unit. When a property owner must repair a unit, they should multiply the cost of the repair times the age of the unit. If the value is more than $5,000, it is a good idea to replace it. This formula takes into account the 10-year expected lifespan of a climate control unit and factors in the weight of HVAC repair costs. Any machinery has a limited number of operating hours to expend until its continued use is no longer cost-effective. Using this formula can help property owners measure the value left in their equipment.

Cost Versus Value Formula

What if the Unit Just Needs Refrigerant?

This service issue—which appears somewhat innocuous—is actually a sign of more underlying problems. A HVAC unit that needs recharging has most likely developed a leak. Repairing the leak and replacing gallons of refrigerant can run upward of $500 to $1,000. Furthermore, HVAC systems that have developed a leak are more likely to have a compressor failure in the near future. The cost of replacing a compressor can cost $2000 or more. To revisit the cost versus value formula, it is better to forego repairs of this magnitude and replace the unit.

Other Factors to Consider

As a rule of thumb, HVAC systems expend their lifespans in about 10 years. If property owners find themselves frequently paying to have their HVAC unit serviced and their heating and cooling expenses are steadily climbing, that is a sign their HVAC system is obsolete. Also, if a HVAC system does not provide balanced heating or cooling for all rooms, this is a critical failure in the system. Systems that are too dry in the winter and too humid in the summer are also malfunctioning. A final sign that a HVAC unit has neared the end of its life is if the system produces too much dust or noise. Any combination of these factors should make property owners consider an HVAC replacement.

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