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The key to achieving longevity with any purchase is properly maintaining your equipment. If you neglect to change the oil regularly in your vehicle, you risk having to replace the engine.  Even smaller items like window blinds and gutters require regular cleaning and upkeep. Many people fail to realize that an HVAC system also demands appropriate maintenance to operate efficiently. Not only do you risk costly repair or replacement parts, but you may also be throwing cash away every month with higher energy costs.

Cleaning your filter, maintaining your condenser and evaporator units, and vacuuming the outside drain are all steps you can personally take to help with HVAC maintenance. However, certain tasks should be regularly checked by professionals. If your unit was installed before you moved into your home, you need to verify that it was installed professionally and does not contain any safety hazards or operational defects. Even if you are the original buyer of the HVAC system in your home, it’s a good idea to get professional HVAC maintenance performed often. These are some of the things a certified service technician will inspect:

  • Check electrical connections. The technician will tighten all connections and test the voltage of the motors. If this is neglected, it can cause unneeded wear and tear on the unit and result in repair or replacement sooner than necessary.
  • Check system controls. This process is needed in order to make certain your unit is starting, cycling, and stopping properly. This, in turn, will help lower your monthly energy costs.
  • Lubricate major components. HVAC units have a great number of moving parts. When they are not properly lubricated, it can cause friction build-up, and costly repairs become imminent.

Some Things Certified Service Technicians Will Inspect

  • Check refrigerant levels.  Not only will a lack of refrigerant kill your efficiency, but an excess will do the same thing. The proper level will safeguard your unit and maximize performance.
  • Ensure proper air flow. As obvious as it may seem, the blower functions must be working right in order to maximize comfort levels and keep the unit in good working order. A clogged-up system will cause the unit to work harder to produce the results you desire.
  • Test oil or gas heating components. Not only is this necessary from a cost perspective, but the natural operation of the heating system can cause potential health issues or fire hazards. Parts like the heat exchanger and the burner need to operate economically to keep you safe and save you money.

As you can see, HVAC maintenance is an important issue that can prevent you from shelling out unwanted expenses. Owning a unit requires more care than just adjusting the thermostat and turning the power on and off. At Classic Air, our goal is to keep your unit up and running at an affordable rate. In fact, we are so committed to this ideal that we will provide a free estimate on any new equipment if you feel like your HVAC unit is not working properly.