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Change of Season? Time to Change Your Filter!

As the seasons change, our thoughts are often focused out of doors. The beautiful colors of fall or the icy cold winds of winter catch our attention every time we walk outside. What we may not be thinking of as we flip our HVAC switch from A/C to heat is the air filter in the HVAC system. These filters protect the system from damage and keep air circulating freely throughout our home.

How Smart Technology Works with Your HVAC

Savvy homeowners are moving their homes into the modern age with intelligent devices such as a smart HVAC system. While new technology is usually expensive, it is the long-term savings that make tech improvements worthwhile. In this article, we discuss some of the options available for homeowners who want to take control over their heating and cooling expenditures.

Tips on How to Hide Your HVAC Unit

The concept of outdoor living was invented to give people a place to relax in their homes and get the most enjoyment out of their yards. It’s no wonder then why homeowners dedicate hours of their time to improving their yards during the summer and fall months. While you’re working on your yard this year, don’t let your HVAC unit spoil the look of your beautiful landscape. There are simple ways to hide or disguise your HVAC to fit your landscape design.