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The concept of outdoor living was invented to give people a place to relax in their homes and get the most enjoyment out of their yards. It’s no wonder then why homeowners dedicate hours of their time to improving their yards during the summer and fall months. While you’re working on your yard this year, don’t let your HVAC unit spoil the look of your beautiful landscape. There are simple ways to hide or disguise your HVAC to fit your landscape design.

The Plastic Screen

You can find DIY plastic louvered screen kits at many home improvement stores. These screens are simple to install, and the entire project is often less than half a day’s worth of work. It might require the use of cement, but that isn’t as complicated as you think.

The benefit of a DIY Louvered Screen is that it helps keep some of the debris, such as leaves, out of your HVAC system. You can also paint the screen to match your home’s exterior color.

A word of caution though; because it is beneficial for all homeowners with an HVAC system to have their system serviced on a regular basis, make sure to install the screen far enough away from the HVAC system so a service technician can access the unit with ease.

Lattice with a Climbing Plant

A garden supply store is an excellent place to find lattice frames in many different sizes. While you’re there you can find various climbing plants, such as roses, wisteria or even ivies to house on the lattice. A living hedge adds beauty to your yard while also hiding your HVAC system.

There are many different types of climbing plants you can use for this project. Aromatic plants such as Star Jasmine not only look beautiful, but they help freshen the air around the unit. If you are lucky, the fragrance could even sweeten the air inside of your home, so be sure to pick a plant that has a fragrance that you love.

Try Using Climbing Plants to Hide Your HVAC Unit

Tips For Keeping Your HVAC Unit Happy

Regardless of which type of screen you use to hide your HVAC system, you can help reduce the number of AC repair trips that your HVAC contractor makes with a few simple tips.

•    Attach window screening to the back of your HVAC screen or trellis. This will prevent leaves and other debris from being sucked into the unit.
•    Consider adding brick or crushed rock in front of the screen or trellis of your HVAC. This will help keep weeds down and more debris from finding a way into the unit.
•    Make sure the screen or trellis is tall enough to block the afternoon sun. This will keep the unit cool and reduce your energy usage. A cool, shaded HVAC unit runs more efficiently, which means you won’t have to scheduled as many AC repair trips.